Health Integrated 

Western and Chinese Medicine Centre


Holistic care –We care for the whole person.

Effective – We keep seeking the best treatment with up-to-date evidence.

Active – We integrates both active and passive solutions in our services.

Listenable –We are willing to receive feedback and improve ourselves.

Truthful –We treat each individual with integrity and dignity.

Harmony – We create a workplace with the culture of teamwork and collaboration

Practice Areas

we concern your health, in a integrative manner. 

Health Screening

Health screening offers a wide range of medical check-up plans and imaging test. Our blood test ranges from basic biochemistry studies to the most advanced DNA testing to fulfill different purposes and needs.

As a core value to our vision to safeguard ones health in an integrative manner, we offer different lifestyle packages with the support and input from our different kinds of specialist, professionals and allied health workers.


We provide all ranges of vaccination for babies to adults. Vaccination is important in terms of preventing major illness. We also provide different vaccination packages for new-borns. Please consult us for further details.


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